Colored Pencil: Drawing with Impact with Rhonda Nass

River Arts Gallery

Jun. 22, 2024, 09:00 am

590 Water St
PHONE 608 643-5215

Colored Pencil: Drawing with Impact and Confidence with Rhonda Nass

Saturday & Sunday, June 22-23, 2024 | 9a-4p | Deadline to register: 6/19/24

Cost: $210

Class and Room Package (including 2-3 hotel nights): for a total of $430-$540 (at a discounted rate through River Arts)

Thousands of us who began playing with colored pencils have become professional artists exhibiting in galleries around the world. It’s a new day for colored pencil. This workshop is geared to give you—a novice, veteran or professional–added colored pencil skills that offer meticulous detail, wide value range and color accuracy beyond the ordinary. We’ll review contemporary colored pencil artworks, go over various application techniques, but focus on a unique (“airplane”) stroke and a unique process of layering from light to dark, create a permanent referable visual aid to ensure your ability to match any color you may need to replicate, develop the means to get atypical lighter, brighter colors on dark paper, then begin a custom drawing—your concept, subject and design–which you’ll complete in your own space at your own pace beyond the workshop hours.

The skills added to your pool in this workshop:

*drawing dramatic, well-composed colored works on dark paper

*becoming proficient in the airplane stroke

*feathering coverage for seamless transition from color to color and from pencil color to paper color

*making a color match strip as part of a system kept for all future works to ensure matching color…NO guesswork

*introducing brighter/lighter values beyond that possible with dry pencil by painting a water soluble, white colored pencil foundation in a few isolated areas

*approaching any new drawing with confidence because all previous skills listed are “scientifically” repeatable

*growing in patience! That frees you to focus on the creativity and effective communication via your art. Yay!

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