The Delaware Center Collection

The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art

Dec. 30, 2027, 12:00 am

200 South Madison Street
PHONE 302-656-6466

“Duke’s canvases are energetic and chaotic; he is unafraid of scale, lush surface, high contrast, saturated color, unstable angularity, exaggerated gesture and any of a number of devices that may make a self conscious, defensive painter squeamish. This exuberance is girded by masterful drawing, seemingly effortless mark and convincing picture structure; Mr. Duke applies his craft with conviction, enthusiasm and without apology.” – David Page, 2012 Open Exhibition Juror of Virginia Torpedo Factory Art Center

The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art is very happy to present Thresholds, a retrospective of Benjamin Duke’s high energy art work. Please see website for additional information.

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