Collaborative Economy

Hygienic Art

Feb. 18, 2017, 07:00 am

79 Bank Street
Phone (860) 443-8001

Opening reception will be Saturday, February 18th, from 7pm – 10pm. The exhibit runs until Friday, March 18th.

Performances in the gallery from 12pm-6pm:
February 18th
February 25th
March 11th
March 18th

We are two people making things asking questions about the nature of making things. What are we accountable to, and for? The material? Beauty? The thing? Earth? Our bodies? The collective body? We both feel a need to reach out beyond even what is possible in our own studio practices. We hear the voices saying this is a time to transcend our selves, to listen, to be a part among a greater whole. We ask: In such severe times, is there any shape of value to the space between the personal and the political, and between what one knows, and doesn’t? In a time when the hunger for definitive action resounds, does a process of unknown search hold meaning still? As we march on, will wandering have its place?

Collaborative Economy will attempt to locate such a space, or else—make one. A Neo-commons, begun between two. Person to person, woman to woman. No direction, prediction impossible. Moment-mark born from moment-mark. Among anti-static, unknowable, object-making, the only certainties, cellular fluid, can be: a climate outside crying out for a new sense of currency… our individual need to be making…our shared desire to be together. This exhibition will feature artworks we jointly constructed, as well as four days of performative action. For six hours on four Saturdays during the run of the show, we will approach making new works of art in real time collaboratively, using the tools and materials from our own worktables transposed to inside the gallery. From these blocks of time, we hope to mint a new sense of aesthetic currency, and we invite you to join.

Jessica Gaddis | | insta: @yessgoddess
Allison Hornak | | insta: @allisonihornak

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