Chroma + SEVEN Closing Reception + Book Signing

Montserrat College of Art

Sep. 8, 2016, 05:00 am

23 Essex Street
(978) 867-9624

Montserrat College of Art’s Gallery invites you to the closing Reception and Book Signing of Chroma + SEVEN Thursday, September 8, 5 – 8pm at 23 Essex Street, Beverly, MA. This event is free and open to the public.

From the pages of “Chroma,” an art annual created by three Montserrat alum, a commitment was formed to showcase emerging and established artists in a vibrant and varied publication. With each volume filling a need to define the creative community in New England and giving a voice to the artists residing here.

While the co-founders (Andrew Houle 00′, John Cardinal 99′ & Michael Crockett 97′) shared overlapping years attending Montserrat, a passion for illustration, comic book culture and painting formed a bond that would later bring them to form Tryptic Press and later publish “Chroma” vl1.

Now together releasing “Chroma” vl3 & vl4 a thriving and supportive collective of artists has formed. Creating an uncommon home within the “Chroma Family”, bridging abstract painters, fashion photography, comic book illustrators, community based art programs, printmakers, sound-makers and even robot-makers.

With this 50 person group exhibition all points come together in some cases meeting for the very first time in person and on the walls, combining all four current volumes of artists. Creating new collaborations, new relationships, new directions for what has always been right in our own backyard; a New England Art Awakening.

SEVEN began in 2012 as an experimental idea to activate our main exhibition space over the sleepy summer. We ended up loving the initial exhibition’s process and the resulting works so much that we repeated the concept in 2013 and 2015 with different artists. Montserrat is collaborating with Triptych Press to create a commemorative book project in honor of the artists who participated not only to document the works they created, but to continue to share the experience with our audiences.

This exhibition will feature a small work by each of the 21 artists who have participated over the years. They are: Zsuzsanna Szegedi, Dana Woulfe, Eben Kling’09, Jim Falck, Raul Gonzalez III, Barbara Moody, Norman Laliberté, Andy Bablo’07, Percy Fortini-Wright, Alexa Guarigli, Allison Cole, John C. Gonzalez, Autum Ahn, David Teng-Olsen, Mark Hoffmann, Kenji Nakiyama, August Ventimiglia, Christopher Mir, Samantha Fields, Nadia Wescott, and Adam Miller’07

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