Chhour Kaloon, Poetic Abstraction

Max Laniado Gallery - Visio Dell'Arte

Jul. 14, 2016, 06:30 am

522 West 23rd Street
(212) 796-5313

Max Laniado is pleased to present Chhour Kaloon’s second solo exhibition at his New York gallery. The exhibition includes an exclusive collection of his latest works, featuring unique masterpieces of Poetic Abstraction.

It is through the ambiguity of the abstract in which Chhour finds clarity. Superimposing bold, powerful brushstrokes with intricate articulations of color, there is a distinctive monumentality in its voluminous harmony. The process towards polychromatic balance is a metaphysical journey—a pilgrimage in search of emerging shapes and chromatic alchemy. Chhour illustrates the inherent balance of Yin and Yang by intentionally leaving sections of the composition empty or full, as his lively and animated brushstrokes charge the canvas with meditative profundity in choreography of sublime colors. Chhour’s mark making evokes emotions without representing, revealing a deeper essence of “beingness.” Undulating in waves across the canvas, the sumptuous colors of yellow, red, and black generate a sense of rhythmic fluidity. The black pigments echo that of Chinese calligraphy and whisper songs of Chhour’s roots. His dual cultural identity generates a confluence of worlds in his technique and brings an innovative creativity to the contemporary art scene.

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