Carolee Schneemann: Further Evidence – Exhibit A

P •P •O •W

Oct. 21, 2016, 06:00 pm

535 West 22nd Street, 3rd Floor
(212) 647-1044

In their first joint exhibition since announcing dual representation in 2015, P•P•O•W and Galerie Lelong are pleased to present the two-part solo exhibition by Carolee Schneemann, Further Evidence – Exhibit A and Further Evidence – Exhibit B. Taking Schneemann’s research on both the physical and metaphorical manifestations of the body as its starting point, the exhibition merges Schneemann’s critical but lesser-known works of the eighties, nineties, and the present.

Both presentations are centered on representation of bodies in captivity and visualizations of repressed histories of control and confinement. Though Schneemann’s works from the sixties and seventies involving performance and the body are widely known, her later works have not received the same critical attention. Further Evidence – Exhibit A and Further Evidence – Exhibit B present a crucial selection of later works, highlighting in particular Schneemann’s large-scale, multi-media installations that incorporate her research, installations, film, and video.Venus Vector 1

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