Westbeth Art Gallery

Apr. 21, 2022, 12:00 pm

55 Bethune Street
PHONE 646 309-7109


Selma Akkari, Thomas Blair, Rachael Bos, Don Tanani, Shane Gabier, Sylvie Hayes-Wallace, House of Today x Lina Shamma, Aniza-Imán Íñiguez, Kelsey Isaacs, Louis Osmosis, Jack Otway, Abby Robinson, Idris Salaam, Milda Vizbar

This spring, Bungalow opens a new exhibition at the historic artist colony Westbeth focusing on visual arts and design with a program of live events. Continuing our collaborative ethos, the exhibition will include work by contemporary artists as well as former Westbeth residents, and will feature a presentation curated by Beirut-based design platform House of Today.

Founded in 1970 to provide affordable housing and studios for artists and their families, Westbeth is a uniquely New York landmark. Pivotal figures in the downtown scene—including Diane Arbus, Hans Haacke, and Nam June Paik, among many others—have called Westbeth home, and it holds a legendary status in the city. Our presentation is located in the Westbeth Gallery off the iconic Richard Meier-designed courtyard and comprises four rooms, each with a different visual and thematic through line.

Bungalow is a roving curatorial platform founded in 2021 by Saria Sakka, Quinn Schoen, and Abigail Tisch. We bring together artists working across a range of creative modes, encouraging new and unexpected dialogues between their practices.

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