Bridging the Arts: Roy Lichtenstein: Reflections

The Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center - The Kate

May. 24, 2016, 04:00 am

300 Main Street

Bridging the Arts is a curated film series co-sponsored by Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts and the Kate. The series will feature a selection of art films produced by the highly-regarded Checkerboard Film Foundation and include a brief lecture before each film.

Pop Art draws upon the style and imagery of advertising and popular culture to challenge our preconceptions about the nature of art itself.
This film features one of the great pop artists of our time, discussing his work, his artistic process, and the sources of his inspiration.
Also appearing are several leading authorities on contemporary art including former curators and art historians: Diane Waldman – Deputy Director and Senior Curator (1965 – 1996), Guggenheim Museum, Kirk Varnedoe – Chief Curator and Painting and Sculpture (1988 – 2001), Museum of Modern Art, and Robert Rosenblum – Professor of Fine Arts at New York University and Associate Curator at the Guggenheim Museum. Lichtenstein’s long time dealer, Leo Castelli, was interviewed in his gallery by Isabella Rossellini.
The artist was filmed in his studios in New York City and Southampton, Long Island, as well as on location in Los Angeles and Rome. Featured are Lichtenstein’s Large Scale Murals, Reflections Series, and his Interior Series.

The Katherine Hepburn Cultural Arts center

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