Breaking Down the Portrait

The Norwalk Art Space @ ADK House

Oct. 1, 2022, 03:45 pm

455 West Ave

Through this course, students will discover the breadth of portraiture and learn technical skills to produce lifelike images. Students will tackle portraiture with a variety of approaches and a variety of media disciplines. Instructor Lily Morgan will introduce every medium with a demonstration and provide an exercise for students so they can get comfortable using the particular medium before committing to a final project. To understand form and value, students will practice facial features and value transitions to gain confidence with each new medium before working with color. Achieving the look of skin through layers of cooler and warmer tones will help to achieve expectations and find common areas in all faces. Portraiture allows us to hear and tell a little bit of someone else’s story that may not be revealed in a photograph. Artists referenced throughout this class will be Gerhard Richter, Kehinde Whiley, and Lee Nowell Wilson. Final projects will be displayed at The Norwalk Art Space with a formal opening reception on December 15, 2022. Free and open to ages 13-18. Registration is required through our website: (If the class is full, please email [email protected] to be added to the waitlist)

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