Black Bear Diner Signing/Get to Know the Artist

Western Refectionz

May. 7, 2014, 12:00 pm

1731 S Entertainment Ave
(208) 322-1888

Local BIRO Artist, Robin Hewitt Is Hosting a “Get To Know The Artist” Event At Boise’s Black Bear Diner

Having fun at one of her favorite restaurants, Robin Hewitt will be on hand to discuss her craft and share some favorite pieces from her BIRO collection at Boise’s Black Bear Diner on May 7th.
Western Reflectionz’s own Robin Hewitt, a well respected BIRO artist, will be at the Black Bear Diner located at 1731 S. Entertainment Ave, Boise, Idaho 83709 to mingle and talk about her passion for BIRO art including the masterpiece “The Stand Off”. Additionally, she will display some of her other favorite BIRO pieces, many of which are available as originals or as autographed prints. Her work, amazing yet subtle, detailed yet ornate, and available to art collectors of any age, is something to enjoy in person. Each piece is a captured moment in time and blends texture, depth, and detail to create unusual realism.

Robin’s primary subjects are the animals of the Pacific Northwest including elk, wolves, deer, and of course, bears. Her passion for expanding knowledge of ballpoint pen art and relationship to her subjects sets her apart from other artists. Get to know the artist Wednesday, May 7th, 2014 from 6:30pm to 10 pm. Come down to the restaurant, have a bite to eat, and enjoy a true artisan!
“Many viewers of my art have to look several times to truly get the full effect of how BIRO works,” said Robin. “It is hard to describe what I do virtually and it really should be experienced in person.” Whether displayed as an original or a framed print, each piece will make an excellent addition to any individual’s art collection in the office or at home. This is a rare opportunity to see a gifted artist in person and enjoy a fine meal at the same time. For more information or to order prints please visit

About Robin Hewitt and Western Reflectionz
Capturing small moments of life on paper and canvas using a variety of mediums enables Robin to showcase unique perspectives of the world around her. She specializes in fine-line illustrations, BIRO, ballpoint pen inks and a mixture of abstract approaches to dimension, concepts, and fantasy. Known for breathtaking detail and artistic interpretation, each masterful piece in her portfolio is a singular experience. They are a profound testament to the chaotic balance of our world. Prints and originals can be viewed online at

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