Fountain Street Gallery

Oct. 4, 2019, 06:00 pm

460 Harrison Ave
PHONE 617 292.4900

Boston, MA–Beginning October 2, Fountain Street will exhibit “BEING”, featuring the work of Denise Driscoll and Gin Stone. Through abstract painting and figurative sculpture, “Being” explores the mystery of embodiment and the complexity of coexistence from individual and collective perspectives. Driscoll and Stone enter mythological and imaginary spaces to evoke interconnection between human and other-than-human beings. Stone’s “Humane Taxidermy” and Driscoll’s “Shimmer” paintings offer an experience of profound wonderment in the presence of others.

Driscoll’s “Shimmer” series envisions the darkly tangled relationships of life with playful hope by stepping out of a human-centered universe and into a mesh of being where all are connected. Each large abstract painting is a quirky diagram of brightly colored nets and loops, improbably woven, and encrusted with iridescent dots that flicker and pulse with energy. These fluid, visceral meditations are whimsical constructions of interaction across multiple magnitudes of scale from the microscopic to the planetary encompassing one-among-many but also many-in-one.

Denise Driscoll is an abstract painter who uses repetition and accumulation to create visual confabulations of inner space. She is a SOLO2017 winner at Bromfield Gallery and her work has been shown throughout New England. Driscoll earned her MFA in Visual Art at Lesley Art + Design, where she currently teaches. She maintains a studio at the Norwood Space Center, lives in Framingham, and is a Core Member at Fountain Street Gallery.
Gin Stone’s current “Humane Taxidermy” sculptures of anti-hunting trophy animals and mythological human/animal chimeras blend imagination with anatomical accuracy using hand-dyed, recycled fishing line, taxidermy forms, and veterinary handbooks. She creates three-dimensional pelts, fur, and manes by cutting and re-piecing the line in flowing flat-coated patterns and luscious shaggy textures. The delicately colored figures are enhanced with teeth, nails, and eyes hand-carved from shell, stone, wood, and metal. Blending anthropological theory, mythological narrative and social commentary, these sculptures exude a powerful presence, both familiar and other-worldly.
Gin Stone is an ardent environmentalist and mixed media artist. She is an artist member of the Cambridge Art Association, the Provincetown Art Association and Museum and a Core Member of Fountain Street Gallery. Stone is currently represented by On Center Gallery in Provincetown and Coastal Contemporary Gallery in Newport. She has been awarded
three curatorial exhibits and is an artist-teacher at the Lillian Orlowsky Museum School at PAAM mentoring fellow artists in methodology and medium exploration. In 2018, Stone was awarded a Berkshire Taconic Foundation artist’s grant.

Fountain Street

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