Back Grounds: Impressions Photographiques (2)

Andrea Rosen Gallery

Jun. 27, 2014, 06:00 pm

525 West 24th Street
(212) 627-6000

Andrea Rosen Gallery is thrilled to announce Back Grounds: Impressions Photographiques II, a historically rooted exhibition organized by Olivier Renaud-Clement that traces a profound lineage of conceptual, process-based photography. Ranging from early experimentations of the early 19th century in France to our contemporary era, this exhibition juxtaposes pioneering historical legacies with divergent contemporary trajectories, as means of building a contextual foundation for the experience and re-experience of such work. The resulting orchestration is an intimately curated dialogue between artists Liz Deschenes, Martin d’Orgeval, Gaylen Gerber, Karl-Heinz Hargesheimer, Sherrie Levine, Baron Adolphe Humbert de Molard, Alfred Stieglitz, and James Welling, which traverses between realms of methodology and intention, and channels attention to the processes of looking.

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