Ayline Olukman, Idyll Opening Reception

Nicolas Auvray Gallery

Apr. 4, 2024, 06:00 pm

522 West 23rd Street
PHONE 917 340-3639


New York, NY – Nicolas Auvray Gallery is thrilled to present the highly anticipated solo exhibition of French artist Ayline Olukman at our Chelsea Gallery. The exhibition, titled “Idyll”, showcases an exceptional and expansive collection of over 30 new paintings created in 2023 and 2024. In an exploration of the relationship between human and nature, Olukman’s new work takes us on a rediscovery of blue seas and lush forests, prompting us to ponder the beauty of our environment as a space of life and the place of humans within it.

Olukman integrates the mediums of photography and painting, layering oil glazes onto paper to create her trademark colors.

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