Artists Reception for MassArt Masters 2019

Boston Sculptors Gallery

Aug. 2, 2019, 06:00 pm

486 Harrison Avenue
PHONE 617.482.7781

Boston Sculptors Gallery presents MassArt Masters 2019, featuring the work of twelve MFA recipients from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design, the nation’s oldest, and only free-standing, publicly funded art college. For 145 years, its graduates have embodied the diversity and creativity essential to innovation in art, the creation of contemporary culture, and the success of Massachusetts’ creative economy. Comprised of individuals from three generations and four countries, and from across our nation and in our own backyard, MassArt Masters 2019 exemplifies the vanguard of contemporary art in Boston.

The exhibition offers a range of themes and methodologies, exploring personal narratives and questions of identity, the challenges of depiction and documentation, investigations of political and environmental issues, and the interrogation of systems that accord meaning and value. Encompassing myriad media—from iPhones, homemade brain scanners, found objects, painting, photography, and printmaking to handmade film, woven sculpture and interactive pieces—MassArt Masters 2019 is the culmination of over two years of rigorous work, study, dialogue, successes and failures. During this period these artists have devised, crafted, and honed bodies of work that truly tell the stories of our time.

Boston Sculptors Gallery

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