Artist Talk: Michael Abrams

Brattleboro Museum & Art Center

Jan. 6, 2022, 05:00 pm

10 Vernon Street
PHONE 802 2570-124

Artist Michael Abrams virtually welcomes visitors to his Jamaica, Vermont, studio for a conversation about his installation “Arcadia Rediscovered” as well as about his work in general.

Abrams works primarily in oil on canvas, panel, and prepared paper. Though rooted in Luminism, his idealized landscapes evoke fresh responses to touchstone experiences with Nature while giving the perception of something otherworldly. Color, light, water, clouds, and sky invite us to participate in dreamlike, romantic color fields, enticing a backward glance and at the same time tugging us forward. The viewer is often introduced to the picture plane as if hovering slightly above ground, adding to the sense of detachment from reality. Substance dissipates into atmosphere, emphasizing misty ambiance over earthly terrain. These landscapes exist entirely in the mental space of nostalgic recall.

The abundantly varied vistas of the Green Mountains, the physicality of the terrain, the unique quality of light, and the richness of atmosphere have become integral to Abrams’ work. These experiences are layered upon bucolic images of the sprawling fertile land, scenic beauty, and awe-inspiring sunsets of his childhood home, perched above the majestic greenery of the Hudson River Valley.


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