Artist Reception: Nature in Black and White

Gallery East

Apr. 6, 2017, 05:00 am

925 Riverside Dr
Phone (775) 334-6264

Gallery East in McKinley Arts Center hosts monochromatic photographer Barbie Crawford. Barbie Crawford is a professional photographer residing in the Lake Tahoe area, and creates detailed macro-photography portraits of the natural world around her. Much of the artists subjects have been found throughout her years of solitary hiking trips in backcountry Tahoe. Her work draws much from the inspiration of the flora and fauna around her, her unrelenting passion for the land and wilderness, and how compositionally intriguing subjects can become when presented on a macro scale. Taken from the artists own statement:

“I’ve become drawn to the tiny and unique things in nature often overlooked. . . if you just take a moment, look real close, even the smallest things in the natural world can be really amazing…and have become the inspiration for many of my photographs.”

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