Artist Lecture with Hal Gould | Seeing Rectangular Exhibit

MICA Gallery

Oct. 20, 2016, 05:30 pm

1210 Turner St.
(517) 371-4600

Please join us for an artist talk with artist and photojournalist, Hal Gould. Gould will discuss his exhibit ‘Seeing Rectangular’ at MICA Gallery and his artistic process.

This year more photos will be taken than any year in history, last year was a record year and next year will likely be the new record. Digital images meant for sharing but not for hard copies. Photographs that were only used on the web and may or may not exist in a cloud somewhere.

Gould uses a variety of photography processes in his work. Some of these include: Platinum-Palladium, platinum prints and cyanotypes. Gould will discuss why he chooses to work in this medium, the archival aspects of the materials, and the dichotomy between the fleeting digital image and a print that will last a thousand years.

Gould will also present for the first time in public:
“How come you don’t hello me when you know me so easy”

Three slideshows :
“Acoustic Sunrise”, “Clair de lune”, and “Doxy”

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