Art Conversation with Oi Fortin

Artists Live

Jun. 30, 2017, 05:00 am

23 Royce Circle
Phone (860) 933-6000

Oi Fortin will be the fifth of the series of ten artists. Her work will be on exhibit June 1st through the 30th concluding with an artist conversation on June 30th at 5 pm. Oi Fortin’s work is emotionally charged, allegorical, and vibrant. Her contemporary abstract expressionist prints are notable for a vivid palette and spritely motifs along with their ability to invoke a calm and meditative state summoning the mystical.

While Oi’s compositions are influenced by nature, relationships and her interior life they become playful and mysterious reflections not realistic portrayals. In this exhibition self-titled “Momentum”, Oi reflects on the flow that occurs during the printmaking process. One print begets the idea of another and the work is no longer cognitive but organic, an inspired dance that continues, seemingly under its own power, until the afternoon light dims in her

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