Armory Center for the Arts and Spurlock Poirier Landscape Architects, Charrette

Armory Center for the Arts

Aug. 16, 2015, 12:00 pm

145 N Raymond Ave
(626) 792-5101

The Raymond Street entrance of the Armory includes a public art space, a social space, and a green space. How could this area be revisioned to serve all of these needs better? Victor Papanek repeatedly advocated for site-responsive connections between environmental and social responsibility, showing that ultimately constructed and natural environments work best when fully interdependent. With guidance from landscape architecture firm Spurlock Poirier, the Armory Center for the Arts will hold a public charrette for revisioning the front gardens and will ultimately implement these ideas in a future renovation of the front garden

Presented in conjunction with “After Victor Papanek: The Future Is Not What It Used To Be,” a group exhibition that focuses on Papanek’s pioneering influence on sustainable, socially responsible, human-centered design. On view through September 6. Visit for more info.

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