Argentine Tango In The Courtyard

Pelham Art Center

Jun. 7, 2014, 01:30 am

155 5th Avenue

Free Performance, Instruction & History of Argentine Tango

Join Steve Curlen and Elsie Tai, Argentine Tango teachers and performing professionals, at the Pelham Art Center for an afternoon journey into the story of the worldwide phenomenon which is Tango Dance. Explore the nuance, etiquette, and passion that creates the language, music and movements of Argentine Tango. History, culture, and social respect between men and women are only the beginning. Tango encompasses romance, creativity, and unique movements like no other dance. Bring your heart, and your mind and body will follow!

During this event, Curlen and Tai will not only perform, but also instruct those who are interested in the art of Tango. Woven through the dance steps will be an informal history lesson of this romantic dance. Tango In The Courtyard will be held rain or shine on Saturday, June 7 from 1:30-3:30PM as part of our Folk Arts Series.
A Short History of Tango

Tango evolved at the turn of the 19th century in Argentina at the confluence of the mass migration created by the demand for labor. Africans, European immigrants from Spain, Germany, France, Portugal, etc. arrived in the ports of Buenos Aires. They sought livelihoods and created an enduring art form through their lifestyle and entertainment in music and dance. Tango became one of the first couples (vs group) oriented improvisational dances in the world, bringing these people from dispiriting cultures together, as there lacked a common language.

About Steven Curlen and Elsie Tai

Elegant. Delicate. Passionate. The power of their connection unleashes the sensual romance of their Tango. Their love of the artistry and music of Argentine Tango comes through in their instruction and dance. Both are intuitive teachers and excellent communicators. They create the most fluid learning environment which is adaptive to all learning levels and styles. It is a productive and pleasurable experience to spend time with this special couple, to see them dance Tango is special.

Steve comes to Tango with a background in collegiate athletics, martial arts, and all types of dance and music since early childhood. Elsie brings to Tango a unique background which includes figure skating, and many years of music training.

Mentored by the best in the world: Gabriel Misse & Analia Centurion; Junior Cervila, Leandro Oliver & Laila Rezk, Carlos De Chey, Leandro Capparelli, and Sergio Segura. They currently guest instruct in the greater NY area at “Strictly Tango NYC”, and hold classes and workshops in Westchester County, NY.

Steve has taught, danced, and performed internationally in many locations including London, Vienna, Kiev, and Sevastopol. They recently delivered dazzling performances on stage at the annual “Tango in the Castle Event” in Manhattan, the Westchester Music Conservatory, the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas, Washington College’s Latin Heritage Appreciation Month in Maryland, the Patricia Hagen Art Gallery in Delaware, Music Beyond Borders in NJ, and Milongas in New York City and elsewhere.

Whether attending their workshops, classes, or performances, you will come away touched and inspired by the magic of their Tango.

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