April 2014: Cone + Dennis

3rd Street Gallery

Apr. 2, 2014, 12:00 pm

58 N. 2nd Street


3rd Street Gallery is pleased to present new work from
Constance Cone and Rhea Dennis.
Constance Cone

Pastel Landscapes

Landscape exerts a powerful siren call, even for an abstract artist.  Through the first half of her career,  Constance Cone was a still life photographer who worked in platinum and palladium.  The pull of landscape exerted itself as she began to work in the field, finding ways to use the special look of those two non-silver techniques.  When she moved into painting and printmaking while getting her MFA at the University of Pennsylvania, her work took a detour into the totally abstract.  But once again, the paintings began to look and feel more and more like landscape.  She now says: “I am, unabashedly, a landscape artist with a healthy dose of the abstract thrown in.”

Over the past two years, Cone has been interested in two rather differing landscapes: western scenes with a very limited though gorgeous palette and water views which feel much more representational.  The pastels for this show have emerged side by side. 

Rhea Dennis

New Work

I find  inspiration in the mundane world around me. Water running down the shower door, cracks in the sidewalk, peeled wallpaper and branches that have fallen to the ground open up new worlds for me. I work in paper pulp because it lends itself to image exploration. As I manipulate the pulp something new and unexpected appears before me.  I am not looking for perfection, but imperfection.


Exhibit Dates: 
April 2 – 27, 2014

First Friday
Opening Reception:
 April 4:  5 – 9 pm

Artists Reception: 
April 6:  2 – 4 pm

Gallery Hours:
 Wednesday through Sunday: 12 – 5 pm

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