JCC Harlem

Jan. 4, 2017, 06:00 pm

318 West 118th Street
(646) 340-3479

JCC Harlem launches brand new community space with Art In FLUX exhibition

HARLEM, NY (December 26, 2016) – Art In FLUX presents an exhibition with JCC Harlem opening on 118th Street the first week in January. JCC Harlem invited Art In FLUX to present its opening exhibition because of Art In FLUX’s years of work in Harlem activating spaces with pop-up art galleries and public art installations with a focus on inclusivity, diversity and community engagement. The exhibition opens on Wednesday, January 4, 6:00 to 9:00 PM at JCC Harlem and features eleven artists; Alice Mizrachi, Aya Rodriguez-Izumi, FEEGZ – Carlos Jesus Martinez Dominguez, Jenevieve Reid, Michael Pribich, MOOSH, Noreen Dean Dresser, Suprina, Tammy Nguyen, Uday K. Dhar and Xavier Roux.

“We are so excited to open with Allusions because it highlights the incredible diversity of creative works happening in Harlem,” said Meg Sullivan, Director of Programs & Community Engagement at JCC Harlem. “It has been a pleasure and an honor to partner with Art in Flux in our first months, to help us say hello to the Harlem community.”

The exhibition includes two-dimensional and multi-dimensional (some interactive) installations presented by uptown artists hailing from vastly different backgrounds and upbringings who share a message of multiculturalism and inclusiveness. The works explore immigration, cross-cultural existence, intersectionality, religion, politics, and current world events with an artistic vision to encourage empathy, understanding and tolerance.

Opening Reception: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 6:00-9:00 PM

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