Zukunftsvisionen 2019

Zukunftsvisionen - Festival of Contemporary Art

Entry Deadline: Mar. 19

Bautzener Straße 32
Görlitz, GRM 02826


ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN2019 – Festival of Contemporary Arts is looking for participating artists!
Application period: 18th Jan – 19th Mar 2019

Since 2007 the ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival (ZuVi) has been established at the Polish-German border in the town of Görlitz. Each year, it is organised by a team of dedicated, creative and courageous volunteers. The festival has intentionally picked the issue of local vacancies as its central topic and is hence annually being held in a vacant building, to point out the potential hiding in abandoned buildings. It offers a platform for regional as well as international artists of the contemporary arts scene. This call for entries is directed at established as well as upcoming artists still at the beginning of their careers. During the festival week, the exhibition is framed by a versatile program of side events. We are aiming to create a place of encounter, a place free of prejudice, for creative production and multicultural exchange.

Motto „Threadless“ (german: „FadenLos“)
This year’s ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN (Future Visions) centres on the motto “Threadless”. The play on words creates a discourse on coincidence, conscious decisions and the random events that determine our fate and future. “How do we imagine our lives? What paths should we persue?” are incredibly difficult questions to answer. It is impossible to know how our decisions will affect us.

– may belong to the following categories: painting, drawing, graphics, photography, plastic, sculpture, street art, installations, media- and action art.
– A maximum of 5 pieces of work per artist or group can be submitted with the application.
– Each work should be submitted with up to 3 images, sketches or photos and an artist’s statement.
– One film may be submitted per application
– Applications do only take place in the following online form: https://podio.com/webforms/22169576/1554995

A jury with five members consisting of art scholars, gallery owners and fine arts teachers will decide over the exhibiting artists.
The jury meeting will be from the 22th – 24th Mar 2019.
The applications received will be prepared in such a way that an anonymous selection can take place. After the selection, we will give you feedback as soon as possible.

Everyone can apply – individual artists, art collectives and groups of artists as well. Not only established, also aspiring artists from the surroundings of Görlitz as well as international.
The exhibition will be in a vacant building in Görlitz, which means that the walls may be porose, uneven or potentially slightly moist. Please take that into account when applying.

For further information please visit:
facebook.com/Zukunftsvisionen // www.zuvi-festival.de
or write us an e-mail: [email protected]

future visions

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