Zukunftsvisionen 2018


Entry Deadline: Mar. 3

Bautzener Str. 32
Goerlitz, GRM 02826


The ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN2018 | Festival of Contemporary Arts

Since 2007 the ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN Festival (ZuVi) has been established at the Polish-German border in the town of Görlitz. Each year, it is organised by a team of dedicated, creative and courageous volunteers. The festival has intentionally picked the issue of local vacancies as its central topic and is hence annually being held in a vacant building, to point out the potential hiding in abandoned buildings. It offers a platform for regional as well as international artists of the contemporary arts scene. This call for entries is directed at established as well as upcoming artists still at the beginning of their careers. During the festival week, the exhibition is framed by a versatile program of side events. We are aiming to create a place of encounter. A place free of prejudice, for creative production and multicultural exchange.

Gütesiegel-Ungut (Seal of quality-Ungut) represents the Leitmotif of the ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN2018. Everywhere in society, we are confronted with standards by which we are supposed to measure ourselves and others. Scales that we use to judge actions, labels that we assign. Ranking, comparing, valuing. But who determines these values? Who decides what is good and what is bad for people, cities and society?

Görlitz is a place, which is defined by efforts of conversion and transformation. Does this quest for change mean that the current state has been categorized as unsatisfactory, as ungut (not good)? Does this turn the area into an Ungut (a good without use for the owner), into something, which you want to get rid of?
How does an Ungut turn into a good? And which meanings do these terms hold for the individual and for the whole of society?

Under this Leitmotiv, we are looking for artists, who can use the following webform https://podio.com/webforms/19834005/1344222 to apply from the 11th of January till the 3rd of March 2018 with their art (applications by mail are not accepted, please use the link above!).
More detailed information regarding the application process and the festival can be found on our website www.zuvi-festival.de.

The team of ZUKUNFTSVISIONEN looks forward to receiving your application!

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