We ARE Here: More Than Just a Number


Entry Deadline: Feb. 17

620 Wealthy St, SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49505


The Cultivate Exhibitions Team invites artists over the age of 55 to participate in our upcoming exhibition, We ARE Here: More Than Just a Number. The exhibit will focus on ageism and how older artists are often overlooked and pushed aside in lieu of of their younger counterparts.

Statement written by an artist and curator over the age of 55:

“Maintaining an active studio and art-making practice over the span of decades can be challenging. We emerge from art school/college/high school and are still immersed in our art for a few more exciting and productive years before we stumble towards careers.​

The decades stack up and we pass their 30s and 40s, in our studio or not. Gallery exhibits – when they can go – are full of beautiful pieces by people who remind us of our younger selves.

Cultivate acknowledges that ageism in the gallery and museum systems exist – and we know of many opportunities that go to younger artists. There is no annual list of “50 over 50” artists to watch. A few galleries only look for artists under 35 – and are open about it. Should we edit our CV and lie about our age?

During our 50s most of us re-emerge from a heads-down focus (family, career) and take stock. Some of us have held on and made art all along. Some of us realign our lives so our futures can be in the studio once more.

However we get here: we ARE here. Making art, applying for MFAs, sending work to gallery exhibits and working with the same passion, and with more experience, as our younger peer

Artists should include a short bio and a brief statement (500 words) about how (and if) AGE or AGEISM has affected your art practice. The statement will hang alongside your work. We are looking for any media, and there is no limit to size.

Selected artists will be notified by February 24th.

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