Van Gogh Inspiration

Salieris de Van Gogh

Entry Deadline: Jul. 18

Av Bodereau 2355
Saldán, Australia 5051
TEL: 03 5125 56333

– Any artist of any nationality with the related Topic can participate:
#Vangogh #inspirationvangogh #sunflowers #yellow
– The applicant must be the artist himself and the work must be authentic, original and made by its creator.
– Only one work per author will be published; Therefore, only one proposal per artist will be received.
-Technique and measurements are free
– Deadline for receipt of proposals August 15, 2022
-There will be a pre-selection of works, on August 20, 2022 the list of those selected will be published on our networks.
– The virtual exhibition will open on August 25, 2022 at 8:00 p.m. and will be published in the various Salieris de Van Gogh media and in subsequent days in the digital catalog of the exhibition.
– As it is a virtual exhibition there will be no type of fee, nor payment for participation in any of the stages.
-A digital certificate of participation will be awarded to the selected artists.

How to take part:
Read carefully the conditions and please comply with them so that your work is accepted
To participate send us an email to:
[email protected]
In the subject of the mail they must put the name of the call: INSPIRACIÓN VAN GOGH
In the mail you must send
1. Photograph of the work in jpg format, with good resolution and framing of the work.
The file must bear the name of the artist -VERY IMPORTANT
2. Technical file (artist, country where you send from, title of the work, technique, measurements, year of completion).
The technical sheet must go, in the body of the message, as open text and NOT in format (word, pdf, jpg, etc.).
3. Contact (web page, email, and/or social networks /Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)

The information you want to give is not a mandatory requirement.
The proposals received will be considered under the understanding of the reading, understanding and acceptance of this CALL
A received mail is sent to every proposal that arrives; this should not be understood as meaning that the work has been selected. The list of selected is published on our networks on the day established in the bases.

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