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Virtual On-line Gallery | The Art Center Gallery
July 1 – August 31, 2021
Open to Artists Worldwide

Apply here – https://forms.gle/AHtzvdnCGi1B8mTcA
The Award-Winning Art Center in Dover, New Hampshire announces a Call for Entry to a juried art competition and exhibition titled “Un-American”.
Un – American

“Not characteristic of or consistent with American customs, principles or traditions”[Webster’s 3rd Dictionary”}
“not agreeing with American values, principles, or traditions
America today is a divided nation. Black/White, male/female, red/blue, conservative/liberal, native born/immigrant. These labels serve to divide us instead of unite us. Do they really apply? Are they useful going forward? What was considered “settled” years ago is now being seen as insufficient.

Artists have an unusual place in society, where they can call attention to these issues in ways that are insightful, moving and yes, funny. We want to hear from you the artists on the subjects you want to speak clearly about.

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