This Land Was Made for You and Me Art Exhibition

Paper Birch Landing Gallery

Entry Deadline: Jan. 15

405 East 19th Avenue Suite 2b
North Kansas City, MO 64116
PHONE 913-490-9907

“This Land was Made for You and Me”

**This Show is open format. The pieces Artists choose to submit will be excepted, after the gallery reviews the entries. **

Curator and special guest speaker – Natasha Ria El- Scari

For this show, artists are encouraged to submit their best Visual Art, Sculpture, Ceramics and Photography that best describe to them the theme “This Land was Made for You and Me.” Open to all mediums of art and photography.

We live in a land that is diverse with natural landscapes and with the people who inhabit it. Beautiful cultures from around the world, have found their home in America. This land is also full of different climates and terrain – From mountains peaked with snow, to white sand beaches, rolling plains and great lakes, deserts and volcanoes and Alaskan wilderness. On a city bus in any bustling city, you might hear up to 20 different languages at one time. Elegant Mosques, Beautiful Churches, Peaceful Temples, Ornate Synagogues….All religions living right next to each other. Hues of skin like a rainbow of coloration, each celebrating who they are and where their ancestors came from or the region that their culture has always called home. In our growing nation, with each of the statements above, there is also strife – from the long history of displacement and mistreatment of indigenous peoples to internal strife between races and religions to environmental concerns with oil rigs and pipelines. The United States of America is a young, growing nation showing both love, light and the darkness – how we choose to live, treat one another and take care of our land will set the precedence for the years to come. May we all come together in unity and work to heal our scars while celebrating the majesty that is the United States that we call home.

For this show, we are looking for Landscape artists and photographers to submit pieces that highlight the United States. Perhaps some artists will show our bustling cities or quiet prairie’s. Others may choose the mountains, oceans, lakes and farms.

We are looking for artists and photographers to show cultural unity and love – celebrating our diverse cultures and how much we can learn from one another. Show us the beauty of this amazing land and show us where we need to protect it. Show the land for all that we are, all that we are not and all that we hope to be. Let this show bring unity, beauty, questions, and above all love and hope for the generations to come!


Artists outside of the Kansas City area, that are not able to drop off/pick up artwork is chosen for this show, will be responsible for shipping to the gallery and shipping cost upon return of work if it is not sold during the show.

Entries are open. Entries Close on January 15th. Top pieces will be selected for this show. Artists selected will have an opening night reception on Saturday Feb 10th, which is also the 2cnd Saturday event in Northtown. The show will run the month of February at Paper Birch Landing Gallery, at the new location at 405 East 19th Ave in North Kansas City. (Just a 5 minute drive from the River Market)

All accepted artists will be informed via email of acceptance on January 20th. If work needs to be shipped to the gallery, artist will pay for shipping. All accepted works may be dropped at the gallery the last week of January during normal hours.

Show runs February 1 – February 28th at Paper Birch Landing Gallery

Show submissions are now open.

•Submit up to three pieces, any medium.
•2D artwork cannot exceed 3ft x 3ft square feet overall.
•3D artwork cannot exceed 3 square feet at base or weigh over 50 lbs.
•We do not accept copies or giclees of artwork, only originals.
•Must be 15 to enter unless special permission
•$15 non refundable entry fee must be included with each entry, up to three per artist.

Our Juror

This show will be juried by the Staff of Paper Birch Landing Gallery

•All reasonable care will be taken but insurance is responsibility of the artist
•Artist agrees to 25% donation to Paper Birch Landing upon any sales. Indicate clearly on form if Not For Sale
•If sold, piece can be removed from show and artist can replace with another of similar type and size.

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