Think Outside the Walls

open i art space

Entry Deadline: Apr. 30

506 Garden St
Santa Barbara, CA 93013

What do most artists have in common? A second job. Guidelines & conditions for the free application:
Applicants must be 21+
app lin:

Art must be unique and original. Open to all local, national and international artists.

Must have a website (Please also provide an Instagram handle if you have one, not required.)

Submit a short story about your work (day/night job) and art, how your job and your art interact, influence, and balance one another. In other words, tell us about your hustle as a working artist: How do you make it all happen, and what drives you? Additionally, if you lost your job during Covid-19 please let us know how that affected your art.

Please list your job title and the field you work in outside of your art so we can verify your employment.

Every 3 weeks, the ‘Think Outside the Walls’ series will feature one working artist.

All chosen applicants should be willing to speak in front of a camera. Aside from your story being featured and promoted on the website and social media, the project’s end goal is to be translated into a documentary feature.

Applicants are encouraged to submit one image of their art to serve as a visual representation of their work, as well as a headshot portrait (square-sized images are encouraged).

All submissions will be judged based on the applicant’s creativity, functionality, and originality. This exhibition is open to all local, national and international artists.

Submission Deadline: Ongoing deadlines, duration of the project is from February 14 – December 21, 2021

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