Texas State University LBJ Student Center Expansion

Texas State University, Art + Artisans Consulting

Entry Deadline: May. 23

2401 E. Sixth Street, Suite 2018
Austin, TX 78702
PHONE 512 419 7975


See full description and submit application at https://www.publicartist.org/call.cfm?id=2264
Overall Budget: $254,000

Artwork themes for this project will be centered around inclusivity, diversity, engagement and building community. Texas State University LBJ Student Center Expansion features 4 opportunities for interior artwork in key public areas and will be awarded to multiple qualified artists. Art + Artisans Consulting is handling the call for qualifications and will manage the design collaboration up through installation of all artwork. Artists will work with Art + Artisans Consulting to finalize design concepts for the project. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors should feel engaged upon viewing artwork. Artwork will be harmonious with the diverse cultures at home at Texas State University. Artwork must be suitable for indoor conditions as well as interaction with the general public and have the capacity to be securely installed in a public area. The work should be prominent and proportional to its surroundings and must be durable, sustainable and easy to maintain.

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