Tesa Creative Center/Call for Multiple Disciplines

Tesa Creative Center

Entry Deadline: Oct. 1

No. 57, Bajia, Shimen Dist.
New Taipei City, CHN 25341
+886-2-2638 3633


Description of residency program:
Founded in 2018, TESA Creative Center sets out from environmental concern and sustainable ecology, and inspires thoughts upon art, spaces, and the environment. Artist-in-Residence provides artists excellent places for art-making, living, research and exchange. Artists are also encouraged to contribute to the communities with art actions. Artist-in-Residence in TESA aims to have international exchange in-depth and at the same time, introduce Taiwan to the world through artists from all over the world.

Located at the naturally abundant Baisha Bay, TESA Creative Center consists of spacious places for art-making and detached living quarters . Artists are given the freedom to create their art projects around the untamed landscape. Artworks can be presented indoors or outdoors, so are exhibitions, forums, performances or seminars. A forklift, a stacker and an air compressor and all kinds of carving tools are available for artists. The saloon, the kitchen next to it and the wooden deck extending outwards are where artists can hang out.

In addition to TESA Creative Center, the art space and ceramic workshop in Danshui are also available for artists. Artists can exhibit or work here.

Duration of residency: one month

Dates: October 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
The residency program is open to artists working in all art disciplines (visual art, sculpture, ceramics, installation, and land art). Professional carving workshop and ceramic workshop are available.

We offer each artist or artist collectives a single house, with a living space, a bathroom, a washing machine, a kitchenette, and an outdoor scenic deck. Artists can live and work in their cozy house.

Surrounded by nature, TESA is an art base stimulating unrestrained thinking and creativity. The building is a 3-storey structure, on the ground floor are a multimedia lab and a saloon of flexible use. On the second floor is an art gallery, and on the third floor is the office of the administrators. On the top of the building is a 360-degree scenic deck, which can be used for small meetings. In addition to the main building, two living quarters, an all-purpose workshop and a carving workshop are standing among the abundant vegetation, in the landscape of indegenous species. It is also ideal for outdoor exhibits.

Fees and support: See our website for details

Expectations towards the artist
Artists and artist collectives are offered a public presentation of their projects during the residency, and a solo/group exhibition by the end of the residency.

Application information
Please fill in the provided online application form on our website:

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