Social Code Juried Exhibition

Arts Warehouse

Entry Deadline: Jul. 20

313 NE 3rd Street
Delray Beach, FL 33444
PHONE 561.330.9614

SOCIAL CODE is an exhibition of new works by local, state and national artists. The concept of the show is to demystify Art vs. Social Media as written about by Ben Davis, to create a social networking art show, and to provide artists an opportunity to show their work here at Arts Warehouse. Can an Instagram feed be a curated gallery? Is social media pulling us away from seeing works in person? How has the social aspect of our lives impacted our artistic practices? This call for art is seeking work that may explore or explain any of these questions as well as the general “battle” of Art vs. Social Media. This theme is open to interpretation by the artist – all mediums and ideas welcome.

“By “art,” let’s say we mean the products of the traditional, professionalized art world, a privileged class of esthetic objects set apart from ordinary communicative acts, authored by a special person called an artist.
For “social media,” let’s say we mean all these new-fangled media platforms which are highly accessible, and based around enabling open-ended conversations between networks of participants.
The utility of this operation is that it lets us see that the question of “art and social media” actually involves an opposition between two different fields, with different logics: a relatively exclusive, closed-in type of expression vs. a relatively open, relation-based mode of operation.
This means that there can be no harmonious merger of the two terms, just various ways of navigating the tension between them. (The only thing that would be “social media art” in the full and genuine sense would be a social networking service actually designed as an art project, which would raise all sorts of questions.)” Ben Davis

Artist Submissions:
• Open to artists/creatives ages 18+ working in All media 2-D, 3-D, Video, Installations etc.
• Must be new work, less than two years old.
• Artists may submit multiple pieces.
• Artwork can range from Facebook feeds to Instagram worthy installations and beyond. You are encouraged to get out of the box creative; create/submit something that viewers want to post and interact with.

TO SUBMIT, email the following to [email protected] with artist name and “SOCIAL CODE Submission” in the subject line.
– 1-2 image of each piece
– Statement or description of the piece
– Title, Medium, size, year in name of file
– Artist Contact Information

Applications and all artwork due July 20th, 2018

The exhibition and awards will be juried by Nicole Hickey, Manager of Artist Services, Palm Beach Cultural Council.

Best in Show (Featured image and article on our promo materials, website and social media, New letter)

2nd place (Featured image on website and social media, newsletter)

3rd place and People’s Choice (Featured image on social media and website)

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