Sense of Place: HERE Juried Art Exhibit

Galaudet Gallery

Entry Deadline: Apr. 30

618 S Farwell St.
Eau Claire, WI 54701-3828
PHONE 715.513.9994

This is a juried international art exhibit that will run throughout the Summer of 2018 at Galaudet Gallery. A full color exhibit catalog will be produced and sales for our past shows is always brisk.
Sense of Place: HERE is an exhibit informed by Edward Abbey ideas like his statement about rock art he would find during his hiking in the American southwest: “They tried (the desert’s) deepest secrets. Now they have vanished….But the undeciphered message they left us remains, written on the walls. A message preserved not in mere words but in images of line on stone. We were here.”

The idea of being in a certain place at a certain time and what does that cause us to want to leave behind, to take with us, to leave for history? Past cultures have all left their arts and crafts behind to show their presence and a certain meaningfulness to it so the curators of Sense of Place: HERE ask artist these same questions and will look for answers as diverse and unique as each person is.
Another way to view Sense of Place: HERE is through the lens of author John Hildebrand who grapples with “chasing stories” and finding filler ideas that can help or hinder each story. Inspired by his experiences in the rural University community where this exhibit will take place Hildebrand writes: “If “sense of place” implies a particular meaning that can only be decoded after long residence, then I don’t buy it. A landscape is both a place and an idea of that place.” Hildebrand then explains how different people can call a place “home” simply by projecting “their ambitions onto the same space.” “The most compelling of these is the idea of home. It’s a strange construct of emotions and allegiances—this story we tell ourselves about where we belong—and the conflict between versions…”

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