Science Awareness Occupation with Art, Science and Technology in Brazil

Mines and Metal Museum - MM Gerdau

Entry Deadline: Jul. 26

Liberty Square
Belo Horizonte, BZL 30140

The Public Notice “Science Awareness:
Occupation with Art, Science and Technology” is an effort to make the Mines and Metal Museum – MM Gerdau a democratic space by creatively occupying it with art, science and technology, in dialog with the proposal of Science Communication of the Science Awareness Program and with its vocation for the production of knowledge, reflectionand dissemination of science and technology through art. In moments of instability, we must turn our attention to artists and scientists in the full power of their creations. Like a “time crystal” from theoretical Physics, their proposals and projects are able to crack the symmetries between past, present and future. The future is, then, seen not only as the result of a present that will come to pass, but rather as something that guides us from afar, unbalancing routines, dwelling in our imagination and attracting the forces of human desire towards that which it intends to be. Science

Awareness 2020 is a public notice for those who are concerned about questions, thoughts and possible artistic and scientific essays from a purposeful present where human conditions are up to the challenges to be faced. As our society is commanded to think about a global agenda for the future, we reinforce here the need for a collective awareness to be activated in the present. This is about reconstructing ourselves with respect to our purpose as humanity and collectivity, having the arts and science as legitimate fields for that movement.

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