Roswell in Print

Roswell Arts Fund

Entry Deadline: Aug. 24

1570 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Roswell, GA 30076

The current pandemic has momentarily closed the doors for many traditional spaces dedicated to art but the desire for connection and creative experiences is thriving. Roswell has a wealth of nontraditional outdoor spaces to explore and there is an opportunity to curate unique and unexpected experiences for neighborhoods throughout the city.

Roswell Arts Fund, in partnership with the City of Roswell, Getty Images, and the Hagan Family Foundation is seeking entries from artists and photographers for a new, exciting outdoor photography exhibition. The Roswell in Print photography exhibit is designed to highlight the diverse characteristics of the City of Roswell, using visual storytellers to capture it through beautiful, compelling imagery and displayed in a non-traditional space.

Set in a series of three-month periods, work will be displayed alongside curated photographs from Getty Images. These exhibit periods are October through December, February through April, and June through August. Each exhibit will explore a theme chosen from one of the concepts identified as a part of Roswell’s “community char-acter framework” in Roswell’s Public Art Master Plan, using each of the sub-themes as inspiration.

We are our River – warm, reflective, life giving, bubbling, vigorous, meandering
We are our Colors – blossoming, vibrant, scenic, Roswell clay, consequential, sustainable
We are Forward Thinking – intentional, inclusive, blended, charming, verdant, illustrious
All images selected for exhibition will be available for print sales with 70 percent of the sale going to the artist. Works will be displayed with consideration for safe, socially distanced experience.
All emerging and professional artists are invited to submit and there is no entry fee for this call. Submissions will be classified by age, with works from youth (17 and under) exhibited alongside adult works (18 and over).
Emerging and professional artists will be asked to submit images and the selected images will be dis-played along a “photo wall” in a non-traditional space in Roswell. The exhibit will be on display for a minimum of 3 months. Artwork will be displayed in locations that allow for a safe, socially distanced experience.
Specific Roswell in Print Objectives include:
• Share photography and art in non-traditional spaces.
• Promote the collection and sale of new photography works.
• Raise the artistic merit of the public art of Roswell.
• Give artists new and exciting ways to share their work with new audiences.
• Encourage the participation from artists of color and represent the diversity of the City of Roswell.

• This call is open to all artists, designers, and teams. Roswell Arts Fund strives for inclusivity and diversity representative of the Roswell community and the metro Atlanta area in all initiatives.
• Artists may submit up to 5 images for consideration. All images must have title, description, and price (if applicable).
• If selected, artists are responsible for supplying Roswell Arts Fund with High-Resolution digital images.

Each submission will be evaluated on the following criteria:
• Is the photograph original?
• How does the work reflect the themes outlined in this call?
• Does the proposal address the objectives of Roswell In Print?
Artistic Merit/Quality
• Does the photograph demonstrate high artistic merit?
• Is it artistically engaging and stimulating? Will it be appreciated by the general public?
Public Art Selection Process and Panel:
This panel is comprised of diverse Roswell stakeholders including business, civic, and community leaders as well as art professionals. Special attention and best practices will be utilized in the conducting of the review process to ensure a fair and diverse selection pool. Special guest panelist Dana Angotta, Print Sales Executive from Getty Images will be serving to help select and curate as part of our inaugural exhibition.
If the Public Art Selection Panel receives an insufficient number of proposals (a number decided by unanimous approval of the panel), the call for art may be rereleased or extended for further submissions.
Applicants will be notified if this occurs.
• Applications must be received no later than August 24 – 5pm EST, 2020
• Send to all submission documents to [email protected].

Proposals must include ALL the following items. Incomplete applications will be not be considered.
1. Identification and Demographics (if submitting as a team, please provide information for all team members):
i. Name (legal name as appears on license)
ii. Age (17 and under, 18-24, 25-36, 37-45, or 45+)
1. Gender (optional)
2. Ethnicity (optional)
iii. Primary living address
2. Submitted image requirements:
• Artists may submit a maximum of 5 images for consideration.
• Name, Description, Size, Price for each image.
• Include a WORD document or a PDF with the image information.
• Indicate if it is to be displayed in portrait or landscape format.
• Images must be JPEG or PDF format. Low resolution for submission is acceptable.
• All files should be between 2000-2500 pixels on the long edge.
• Name all images with YOUR NAME & the FILE NAME
• All images must be appropriate for public exhibition. Therefore, images that display nudity, foul language, or acts of violence will not be considered.
Note: If submitting artist(s) is under the age of 18, artist(s) must be represented by parent, teacher, or legal guardian. If applying as a team, please designate one team member as the primary contact and provide complete contact information for that person.
Contractual Expectations:
• Roswell Arts Fund will design, print, installation and deinstallation of exhibition layout.
• Artists who have submitted a proposal agree that the City of Roswell and Roswell Arts Fund may display models and reproductions/images for non-commercial, educational, and promotional purpose with credit given to the Artist.
• Copyright shall remain property of the artist.
• Artist(s) agrees that the information provided to Roswell Arts Fund is truthful to the best of their knowledge and has not knowingly represented any information or work as not their own or erroneous.

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