Public Artists Wanted!

Miramar Cultural Center-Artscape

Entry Deadline: Sep. 18

2400 Civic Center Place
Miramar, FL 33025
PHONE 954 602-3262

The Cultural Affairs Department has established a rotational Public Art on Loan Project called MCC ARTSCAPE. It is a key part of annual community programming offerings in the city. The intent of the program is to create destination rights, vibrancy in Town Center and operate as a transformative curbside identifier for the Miramar Cultural Center (“MCC”). This planning has graduated public art already displayed on the premises of MCC like LEBO Wishing/Expression Garden, Vanishing View by Alison Sky and Windows to our World Garden Murals. All in all, these exhibitions have allowed premier artists to lend their talents to activating the Botanical Garden and the green space that envelopes the Town Center property.

Public Art in the City of Miramar humanizes the built environment and has invigorated our congregating spaces. It remains to be freely accessible and adds to the quality of life benefit that culture brings when living, working, and visiting the city. Notwithstanding, it expresses community values, enhances our environment, transforms a landscape, and heightens our awareness.

It is the intent of the city to revive this program as an annual plan that can invigorate MCC as a destination where its collective community can engage and enjoy the arts. Artists in FY2022 included a mixture of nationally acclaimed and local public artists inclusive of LEBO, ‘GRABSTER’ Marcus Borges, ‘AAKABO’ Aaron Bodden, Yuhmi Collective; ‘HAYZE’ Andrew Hayes; Robert Coons, Donald Gialanella and Atomik.

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