Prisma Art Prize – 8th Edition

Atelier Montez

Entry Deadline: Feb. 16

Via di Pietralata, 147/A, 00158 Roma RM
ROME, ITL 30002

2. Deadline: 12 MAY 2021
3. Late 2021, Atelier Montez, Rome

Il Varco s.r.l.s organizes the 8th edition of PRISMA Art Prize, an art prize that takes place every three months online with cash award, that will end with an annual group exhibition at the end of the fourth edition of the same year at Atelier Montez in Rome, with some of the artists that took place in the quarterly editions, chosen by the art direction.
This will be the last edition of the second year. The date of the exhibition will be communicated in due time.

We are looking for paintings, drawings, graphic art and engravings of any size and on any support. The call for entries is open to every artist without limitations of age, place and country of origin.

The submission has a fee of € 25 and it allows the submission of up to three works.
However is possible to submit 5 more artworks paying an addiction of 5€ for each further work. You can submit directly on the website and you can pay through Stripe or PayPal. The upload of the pictures of all your works must be done inside the form. In 48 hours from the submission your work will be judged by our artistic direction, that will communicate whether one of the submitted works will be finalist in the competition or not.

All the finalists will be put in the on-line gallery forever and they will compete for the quarterly award of € 500 and for the service’s prizes given by our partners Biafarin inc. and Vivivacolors. They will also be in consideration for the annual exhibition.

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