Points of Confluence

SELA Arts Festival 2019 – Visual Arts Center

Entry Deadline: Jun. 28

5400 Monroe Ave
South Gate, CA 90280
PHONE 323 348 9232


Exhibition Title: “Points of Confluence”
2019 Event Theme: “As the River Flows, Culture Grows”

Location: South East Los Angeles, California
Submission Form available at: https://forms.gle/LFUKzLMKjKTzK9Xe6
Contact email: [email protected]
Deadline for entries: June 28, 2019

When two bodies of water come together, or a river meets an ocean, new bodies of water are created, as they mix into a blended environment. For example, lagoons are formed at the mouth of rivers, where salt water from the sea meets the fresh water of a river flow. These points are called Confluences, some of these are the most ecologically productive and diverse ecosystems in the world.
The South East Los Angeles communities are nestled between the Los Angeles River and one of its largest tributaries, the Rio Hondo. It is here, where the freshwater currents of the LA River & Rio Hondo mix that our communities also blend until they produce a new identity; and just as the rivers influence the communities and their cultures, these cultures also influence the river’s physiology and ecology.
With social, economic and political globalization, we are coming to understand that individual choices have a synergistic effect on our communities, cultures and environments. That is to say, individual attitudes, perspectives and decisions, when viewed through a global lens, create a collective culture visible in all facets of our community.
So what is the “SELA Identity”?
We invite artists who live, work or otherwise directly interact with the South East Los Angeles Communities to submit an artwork or installation concept that explores the ways in which their individual choices, communal perspectives, and collective attitudes ultimately impact the many worlds that we all choose to create out of the experiences lived in South East LA.

* 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and installation artists are encouraged to apply.
* No more than 3 submissions per artist will be considered.
* All art must be ready for display.
* Only completed works of art will be considered.
* Please provide clear pictures of your artwork.

If you have any questions regarding this form or submittal, please email: Edlin Lopez at: [email protected].

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