Philosophy of contemporary art | Group Exhibition in Rome


Entry Deadline: Dec. 15

Blanicka 590/3
Prague, CZR 12000

We are preparing an exhibition in Rome!
We invite artists to participate!

The “Make Way!” project, with the support of the online gallery, begins preparing an art exhibition that will take place in the delightful city of art – Rome in 2020, in one of the most popular areas – Trastevere, in the cozy “Spacio40” gallery. The exhibition will last 9 days and take two weekends!

For an exhibition in Rome, we are looking for “art philosophers” – artists who gracefully embody their deep ideas on canvas. No matter how this idea is expressed – in form, colors, style, shapes or faces. The main thing for the artist to know exactly what his creation is about and able to convey this to the viewer through painting.

All that is born in modern art today is the search for new sensations in the viewer, the desire to surprise or even shock. Art should induce a person into discussion, he must think, analyze, form his opinion.

Terms of participation:
1. The relevance of works to the theme.
2. At the exhibition, one artist can present no more than three paintings, up to 50 cm in size on the larger side. Less is possible but not bigger.
3. The conduction of the contract.
4. Payment of related services

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For more information, contact [email protected]

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