The Chateau Gallery

Entry Deadline: Jun. 15

1230 S 3rd Street
Louisville, KY 40203
PHONE 502-262-6200

Description:  Pharmacopeia: noun. What does this term bring to your mind’s eye? Do you find yourself assembling an archive of substances, reflecting on memories of addiction, recovery, or relapse? Is your mind a panopticon of disorder, a chaotic realm of fear and loathing from which you yearn to breakthrough? Have you experienced ego death, or reached the summit of the fifth plateau? Have prescription medications granted you the time to get to know your spirit, body, and psyche better, to experience a semblance of neurotypicality? Do you employ recreational compounds in your practice, and if so, what is your molecule of choice? Depict your perception of a pharmacopeia as you envision, either under, between, or over the influence.

Eligibility: Open to international artists age 18 years or older.

Categories:  Photography, Digital Art, Graphics and Printmaking, Mixed Media, Watercolor Painting, Acrylic Painting, Oil Painting, Pastels, Drawing. 3D artwork.

Terms of Entry:

Sales: Artwork must be listed for sale. The Chateau Gallery collects a 40% commission on sold artwork.

Copyright: Accepted artists grant The Chateau Gallery permission to use your work on our gallery’s website, social media accounts, and related promotional materials. Artists retain all copyright to their intellectual property.

Exhibition: Pharmacopeia is a physical exhibition, held under the public health mandates and governing laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Entry Fee: There is a $10 entry fee used to support the exhibition, promotional materials, and scheduled programming.

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