Art Exchange

Entry Deadline: Jul. 25

356 East Third Street
Long Beach, CA

ArtExchange is looking for 1-2 artists interested in occupying a group workspace at our organization. Applications will be reviewed by committee based on skill level, professional experience, and variety of practice in relation to current studio artists. Artists who are interested in teaching their craft and engaging the community in their artistic process are preferred. We are a hard working art center that strives to constantly create, learn and engage others in this creativity. We are looking for like minded individuals who will mesh with our diverse group.

Please send the following information:

(1) Name
(2) Phone
(3) Email
(4) Resume
(5) Medium
(6) 10 images of current work (all images should be compiled into one PDF document for email)
(7) Professional References (2-3)
(8) Answer the following questions:
a. What are your hopes and expectations for your studio?
b. Provide a description of studio space needs, processes, and materials to be used.
c. How will the residency contribute to personal, creative, and professional growth? d. What contributions you will make to the program/ community of resident artists; specific skills, strengths, interests, experiences, etc. you might bring and share; particular activities you wish to initiate or organize, etc.

Email your proposal to [email protected].

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