Old Fashion: a Collection of Contemporary Brooches

Carlisle Arts Learning Center

Entry Deadline: Apr. 19

38 W. Pomfret Street
Carlisle, PA 17013
PHONE (717) 249-6973


There is history in a brooch. They are often family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation. These treasures connect us to memories of our grandmothers wearing them with their Sunday best, or to stories of ancestors we never met. Brooches also carry echoes of world history. Many cultures across time used brooches as functional parts of their daily dress, for example the ancient Romans used fibulas to fasten their togas, Norse women fastened the straps of their apron dresses with turtle brooches, and the Victorians are famous for their mourning jewelry known as memento mori, which often took the form of a brooch containing the hair of their dearly departed.

However, brooches aren’t just ancient history- they’re back in style! From Southern Living Magazine to the Wall Street Journal, fashion writers are all talking about the increased popularity of the brooch beyond the red carpet.

Get in on this trend and create a new brooch in any medium. Your inspiration can come from anywhere, but some places to start could be looking at a piece of jewelry handed down to you by a family member, or a historical style of brooch. Get creative! This exhibit will be on display in the weeks leading up to Mothers Day, so we encourage you to consider making a piece that could be purchased and gifted to a mother or grandmother and become a new family heirloom.

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