NYC4PA Call for Entry – Primary Colors 2020

New York Center for Photographic Art

Entry Deadline: Jan. 17

251 Seaman Ave, Apt 5B
New York, NY 10034
PHONE 917 359.2642


RED, YELLOW, and BLUE tubes of paint are the basic building blocks for all the colors of the rainbow. They also stand alone, individually, as strong primary color artistic elements.

Send us your images where one of these colors stands out as a critical element of your photographic composition. You decide which of the three colors RED, YELLOW or BLUE is central to each image you submit and select the category that matches.

The number of possibilities is vast and includes black and white photographs with a single point of color, red, yellow or blue monochromes, or any image where one of these PRIMARY COLORS stands out as a focal part of the photograph. Is the blue sea what catches your eye, a red clown nose or maybe a big yellow school bus? Have you modified a print to be all shades of red? This is a theme to have fun with.

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