Miami @ Play

Filmgate Interactive

Entry Deadline: Sep. 30

Miami, FL 33131

Miami @ Play is a curated collection of art and design work that seeks to demonstrate the range of playful experiences. The event is curated and organized in collaboration with Filmgate Miami. The curators are:

Lindsay Grace
Diliana Alexander
Clay Ewing
Lien Tran

Whether toy, video game, board game or big game, we aim to showcase how games can move us to joy, tears, critical reflection and social impact. The event champions the diversity of play, its potentials and the unique ways that games can build community, transcend language, serve as artistic medium

The games in the showcase will be open to the public and shown among leading creative work in interactive media and film.

The event begins on December 1, 2018 and continues through December 4th in downtown Miami. Selected submissions may be invited to display their work through December 6th, 2018.

Submission for completed works and proposals for work to be completed are due September 30, 2018.

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