L.A. Photo Call for Entry: ‘Our Dramatic Landscape’

L.A. Photo Curator

Entry Deadline: Aug. 25

Los Angeles, CA 90068


L.A. Photo Curator Call for Entry: ‘Our Dramatic Landscape’ curated by Michael Kirchoff. (An independent curator & juror for Critical Mass, Editor at BLUR Magazine, Editor-in-Chief at Analog Forever Magazine, and has recently founded the online photographer interview website, Catalyst: Interviews.)

Michael Kirchoff says, “Our environment and the land we live on, explore, and find inspiration in are at the forefront of this call for photographs.
Light and shadow play upon the scenes that take our breath away and make us scramble to capture a photograph before the fleeting moment is over. Other times we plan, wait, and hope in anticipation for the moment to present itself. One may find the drama in the most extreme places of this world, in the recesses of your own mind, or perhaps even in your own back yard. Mother Nature manifests herself in myriad ways on this planet, and it my hope to see these scenes presented with passion, wit, and wisdom that includes your own vision of what has captured your attention. This call speaks to the wide-eyed explorer in all of us.

All styles and processes are welcome. Color, black & white, film or digital…the final image is all that matters.”

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” ~ John Muir

20% of artist fees go to charity. 10% to the curator’s charity and 10% to the first place winner’s charity.

Kirchoff has chosen The Sierra Club as his charity.

$20 for 3 images. ALL entrants work is shown on their own page with their artist statement, website info, bio and parts of their CV.

First Place winner receives Q & A with curator. Curator reviews first place winner. One or more past curators may contribute reviews as well. 10% of artist fees goes to the first place winner’s charity. The first place image is on our splash page for a month.

Early entries are featured on L.A. Photo Curator’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

We will waive the fee for 2 entrants per competition based on need. Just contact us at [email protected] and make the request.

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