Kunst Kraft Werk Open Call for Exhibitions in 2016

Kunst Kraft Werk

Entry Deadline: Jan. 1

Saalfelderstr. 8B
Leipzig, Germany, NY 04229


The Kunst Kraft Werk is pleased to announce our second open call for exhibition proposals, for the 2016 program. Qualified candidates include international and local curators, corporate and cultural institutions, museums, individual artists, group initiatives, and collectives, working in all mediums, with a preference for interdisciplinary practice. Both contemporary and art historical exhibitions are welcomed. We are especially interested in projects that are accompanied by a program of activities, artist’s talks, workshops, or lectures. The number, duration and spacing of the exhibitions are left to the discretion of the KKW, as the space is used for multiple purposes throughout the year. If the entry is a group project, one person must be chosen from that group to represent it and act as a mediator.

Our exhibition space and grounds are particularly well-suited for large scale sculpture, both outdoor and indoor, as well as installation, video projection, and performance. A module wall system allows for two-dimensional works to be shown as well, and for the interior space to be adjusted for each exhibition’s needs. Since our space is currently under renovation, it is important to state that our design objective is not a white cube, however our intention is to maintain the industrial aesthetic of the former gasworks, while encorporating a new lighting/heating/sound system, stage, storage area, restaurant, and beer garden.

The selected projects will be required to sign a contract with the KKW, agreeing to respect all the obligations inherent to his/her function and especially the specific fullfilment of the project concept. The KKW will provide their exhibition space; staffing during exhibition opening times; technical assistance for install and destall; professional graphic design, printing costs and advertisement/promotion of the exhibition and opening events; professional photographing of the exhibition; translation of texts into German; insurance of the artworks while in the KKW; administrative correspondence, support, and organization; and inclusion into the annual catalog. For the selected projects, depending on the necessities of his/her project and relation to the KKW, responsibilities may comprise of, among others: the selection and localization of the works; the supervision of the relations with the artists and loaners, and overseeing the production of works; the participation in writing press material and, where appropriate, the selection of activities surrounding the exhibition and the editorial direction of their project chapter in our annual catalog (writing at least one text in English).

The Art Director works directly with each project to apply for funding, meaning that the KKW applies for institutional funding per project both in Germany and the home countries of the participating artists. The guest curator, institution, or artists are expected to apply for funding as well. Funding each exhibition is a TEAM EFFORT between the KKW and guest project. The KKW does not pay artist/curator/writer fees. We do not pay production costs of artworks. We do not pay for any additional publications; travel and/or hotel expenses of the participants; visa application fees and customs fees. We apply for funding for all of these items, however do not take personal responsibility for them.

All work, unless indicated that it is not for sale (NFS), will be available for purchase during the exhibitions. The KKW will retain a commission on all artwork sold during the exhibition, and will provide a contract detailing the conditions/responsibilities of all parties.

How to apply:
Please fill out this automatic form. Due to the high volume of applications we now require a 10 euro Jury Fee per application. Once you hit the submit button, the Paypal donate button will appear below. When you press this donate button, you will be automatically redirected to the Paypal link. Your submission is only complete once the Jury fee has been paid. This application fee in non-refundable.

If you have questions, please contact Candace Goodrich, Art Director, Kunst Kraft Werk – [email protected].

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