Keepin it Real | Juried Show Call for Entry

The Dutch Art Gallery

Entry Deadline: Oct. 11

10233 Northwest Hwy
Dallas, TX 75238

1st $1000 | 2nd $500 | 3rd $250
Seeking 2D entries only (no photography)

Science says reality is simply how we interpret the world based on our experiences. If each of us could step into the body of someone else, we’d be surprised by how different colors appear or how music sounds. Even the perception of time can change in emotionally charged circumstances. Bees see ultraviolet light. Snakes detect infrared. Both beyond human perception. Every living creature lives in its own version of reality.

For this challenge, examples of traditional, realistically painted scenes are welcome, but we also invite artists to define their own reality. Share your personal life experience, your unique view of the world. Expose what is hidden. Show truth. A written statement must accompany each entry explaining how it relates to the theme. Strict adherence to the theme is mandatory. We look forward to seeing each artist’s view of reality.

NOTE: Artwork must have been produced in 2018-2019 calendar years, nothing older will be considered.

Dutch Art Gallery

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