KA Quarterly Open Call- TREK

Kind Aesthetic Quarterly (online)

Entry Deadline: Dec. 15

Brooklyn, NY


Kind Aesthetic is accepting submissions for our third KA Quarterly. The theme for this issue is Trek. Whether this is interpreted as a physical movement through space or a more conceptual process from point a to point b, we are interested in artists’ response and reaction to Trek as a concept, word, idea or possibility.

Read more below. All submissions are due
December 15, 2014 at 11:59pm.
What is the KA Quarterly?
The KA Quarterly is an online visual journal curated by Kind Aesthetic that comes out four times a year and coincides with the season. It reflects the current state of our inspirations and unites the work of artists, musicians and/or designers under a common topic or theme.

Who is Kind Aesthetic?
Kind Aesthetic is a creative agency run by Sara Jones and Andrea Wenglowskyj that uses art, design and communal action to give voice to ideas and make them exist and thrive in the real world. Our ideal clients are organizations, brands, artists, and creative entrepreneurs who want a stunning visual and emotional representation of their idea that is fresh, exciting and engages their audience. DELVE is their suite of services and events for artists and creatives to help them best communicate what they do in person, on line and in writing.

This open call is for any media that can be presented online: digital images (photographs, documentation of artwork), video, animated gifs, mp3s. All submissions must be ready to present in an online exhibition.

Below are the guidelines for submissions:
Jpegs: max 1500 pixels on longest sides, max 5 images
Video: 2 minutes maximum, please send Vimeo link. max 2 videos
Animated gifs, max 5
Sound mp3 (links or attachments under 10MB), max 2 pieces

Send to [email protected] with the subject heading Tre , attached media and/or links, a project description (max 300 words), a bio and a link to your website.
Deadline December 15th at 11:59pm.

You will be contacted by December 20th if we will be showing your work. Thank you! We look forward to seeing your work.

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