ISC Residency Exhibition, “Permutations of Vulnerability”

Novado Gallery

Entry Deadline: Jun. 9

110 Morgan St
Jersey City, NJ 07302

ISC’s Residents @ Mana Contemporary Carole Halle, Jessica Taylor Hale, Christina Dietz, and Dominic Sansone are showcasing what they created during their residency and what they have been up to since. With the vulnerability and precarity that can be evoked throughout all artists work, Permutations of Vulnerability showcases the meaning behind their pieces. Where there is commonality in the place, time, and use of materials each artists work shines and standouts in their own unique and individual way.

Opening reception is free and open to the public June 9th 7-10 pm and will be on view until June 23rd. Scheduled Artist Talks, TBD

Check out more of their work below!

Carole Halle
Jessica Taylor Hale
Christina Dietz
Dominic Sansone


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