‘innocence’ Call for Entries

Linus Gallery

Entry Deadline: Dec. 15

375 Redondo Avenue #158
Long Beach, CA 90814
PHONE 213-910-9082


Innocence is defined as being without corruption, guile, or guilt, or worldly sophistication, but also it defines a time in life of joy and naivete. It’s the embodiment of purity, of virginity, and freedom from blame. Most innocence from children fades with time and experience, but watching the innocent play joyfully and candidly is a soulful experience. Where is your innocence? Where is your inner child? Is it in the past? Is in the present? Is it in politics? Is it in culture? Does innocence make our world better? Or worse? In this call for entries we are asking for the artist’s interpretation of innocence.

Art calls are open to all local, domestic, national and international professional and amateur artists. All art mediums will be considered in this call for submissions, from photography, wall sculpture, ceramics, fabric, mixed media, all paintings and drawings including, oil, acrylic, pastels, ink, graphite, etc.

Cost: $35 for 3 entries, $5 for additional entries.

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